Friday, September 22, 2006

He was a good idea

My boy Lucas turned 2 yesterday. Above are a couple of pics from his birthday party. He seemed to enjoy all the family, the pinata, the cake, the bounce house and tons of "Cars" memorabillia (graciously provided by Uncle Jeff). Yes, a fun time was had by all.

Seems like just yesterday (Ethan had just turned 2) when Cindy and I decided we would plan to have another child. Planning a child was an entirely new concept (to me anyway), but after praying about it we went ahead with said plan. About 3 months into the pregnancy I remember looking at my family and thinking, "Waaaiiit a minute!! Is this a good idea?!?" I really liked where we were at. I really loved my wife. I really loved Ethan. A lot. Just being around them filled me with joy. Did I have enough love in me for one more? Turns out I did. Or rather, God gave me more.

So about 6 months ago, I was at the table feeding Lucas. He finished his dinner, got down from his chair, and wanted to sit in my lap so he could finish mine. I remember holding him and thinking, "Wow, he was a good idea!"

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At 1:35 AM, Anonymous Katherine said...

Sweet! Thanks for sharing your warm thoughts. Happy Birthday, Lucas!

At 11:29 AM, Blogger Ramona said...

we're now at the point where we're hoping that God will bless us with our own "good idea". :)


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