Thursday, December 21, 2006

My 5 Year Old

My oldest boy is all set to turn 5 tomorrow. And with only a minimal amount of trepidation because, "I don't want my teeth to get loose and fall out". Seems like only last week we brought him home from the hospital. Sooo tiny and sooo wrinkled.

A lot has changed for him since last year. He goes to school now. Last year the sentence "I love my little brother Lucas and his lion" would have been said like this: "I yove my yittle brother Yucas and his wion". This year he is allowed to answer the phone, and does so like this:
"Hello, this is Ethan speaking."

He also asks questions like these:
"Where was God when Jesus was a baby?"
"But why can't I see Grandpa Joe?"
"How come Lucas is done eating?"
"Why did God make it so spiders are born, they live, and they die?" (asked right after he saw "Charlotte's Web")

So he's 5 tomorrow and we love him more now than when we brought him home from the hospital. Even though he's sometimes loud, goofy, and disrespectful. Because he's also incredibly bright, kind, sensitive, with an incredible capacity to love. And he has a great singing voice!

Here's some pics Cindy took of him before his birthday party. We hope to get the little wallflower out of his shell soon.

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At 12:25 PM, Anonymous Katherine said...

Cute photos!

At 10:54 PM, Anonymous Marcy said...

What a ham! Happy Birthday, Ethan!!


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