Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Kids and Birthdays

We are having my youngest son's 1st birthday this Saturday. My 3 year old (who is a great big brother) is already asking "What time is my birthday going to be?"

Anyone have any suggestions how to keep a 3 yr old from feeling neglected at his little brother's first B-Day party?



At 9:15 AM, Anonymous Katherine said...

1. Get out a calendar and show him where all the family's birthdays take place during the year (our extended family covers every month but June). You can write a big letter for each person's initial on that day. Let him touch the pages of the calendar. It may help him get a little bit of a sense of how things are spread out during time.
2. Get him to help make something for his brother, to get the idea of giving to others on their birthday. Maybe he can color a card or drawing.
3. Assign him to help with something at the party. Give him an official job he can "take care of" so he has a special role at the party, other than "birthday boy" like his brother.
4. Acquire a relative or good friend who sends presents for both kids on each one's birthday! ;-) We have a friend like that. She's great (my first friend from kindergarten). Alternatively, help your firstborn to get used to some disappointment. It happens in life. Sad at the time, but toughens you up a little.

Have a great party! Happy birthday, Lucas!!! Stiff upper lip, Ethan!

At 7:21 PM, Blogger Sami said...

I thought Cindy was doing a good job preparing him at Target yesterday. Ethan kept asking for different toys, "Mommy, I want this, I want that." She said that she'd have to think about it, and talk to Daddy, and maybe he could have it for his birthday, or Christmas. She also pointed out that Lucas's birthday party was this weekend, and that Lucas would be getting lots of toys that Ethan could play with too. "That'll be fun, right?" Ethan thought it would. I hope he still thinks so at the party.

At 11:25 AM, Anonymous MarsSoup said...

I echo #3 above... that's exactly what I was going to suggest.


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