Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Being sick sucks!!!

So it's been a while since I posted. Got sick something fierce. As noted last week, the Los Garcia clan has been hit hard with various forms of viral infections.

I was the last to go down. Mild fever, runny nose, some kind of throat virus, dry cough, a bout of the runs, and lastly(for the first time in my life) pinkeye. I know what you're thinking but I'm sorry ladies, I'm already spoken for, so I won't be giving out my phone number.

Been feeling better for a couple of days now, as have the kids. Sadly though, my wife is still coughing through the night. Still, she's better than she was last week when her ear drum burst from an ear infection gone horribly wrong. I hate when that happens. My poor wife!


At 9:06 AM, Anonymous Katherine said...

Ugh! So sorry to hear about your health. And poor Cindy! Argghh!! Sounds excruciating. Give her a hug from me...


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