Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Care package items

Here is an updated list of items that our friends have requested:

School Supplies
-Glue dots (found in craft stores)


-Q-tips cotton swabs
-deodorant (Secret invisible solid Jasmine Orient; Speedstick solid)

-Advil, Tylenol PM, Adult cough medicine (Robitussin), children's cough medicine (Robitussin)
-chewable vitamin c


-board games (Battleship, Sorry!, etc...)
-party plastic ware (dollar store forks, spoons)
-ear phones for running (the kind that have a "hook" that fits over your ear)
-any fun wholesome family tv shows, recent or old (we've watched Andy Griffith) [we have received Little House on the Prairie--Joe]
-"Bang" it's a card game we like but we don't have it in English


-carpenter jeans size 8/9?
-swim trunks for 4T and boys' 8/9?

American foods
-Starbucks decaf Verona (whole bean)
-Starbucks coffee from Costco (whole bean)

-Cheddar JalepeƱo Cheetos (crunchy) <==== NEED!!!


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